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Power Generation

The traditional power generation sector includes well-established energy sources such as thermal, geothermal, hydroelectric, pumped storage and nuclear. As investment is diverted into emerging renewable energy technologies, many existing powerplants are dealing with the challenges of operating ageing equipment and environmental compliance is becoming more difficult. This, compounded by the impact of climate change and the potential of malicious cyber attack, makes powergen plants increasingly vulnerable to unplanned outages and attendant time element losses.

Integra has major loss expertise across all power generation technologies and the ability to investigate cyber activity if this is contributory to the incident. Our highly skilled engineering adjusters are familiar with the major turbine, generator and transformer technologies used by all operators. By working alongside independent consulting engineers with specialist knowledge, we quickly apply specific expertise to assess causation. We also partner with forensic accountants to ensure a balanced approach to the measurement and mitigation of damage repair and business interruption, within the terms of the prevailing power purchase agreements.

Claims experience

  • Traralgon Australia; failure of 560MW generator – PD & BI circa AUD70.0M
  • Steam Turbine Failure. Concentrated Solar Plant, Morocco
  • Transformer failure / fire – Vietnam.
  • Wildfire at geothermal power generating facility in California (>$50 million).
  • Nuclear power station Generator damaged during assembly Loughborough UK

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