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Intense vibrations of a steam turbine caused a forced shutdown and investigations revealed damage to the rotating blades within the turbine. The shutdown took place outside the waiting period specified on the business interruption (BI) section of the policy and the insured incurred large losses on every day the unit was unavailable.


A claim was made by the insured under their operation policy programme for property damage and BI. Integra worked closely with the insured and their representatives to identify any areas where the repairs could be expediated and project-managed a team of forensic accountants and root-cause forensics throughout the claims process. Damage scope was agreed in conjunction with the appointed experts at the earliest opportunity. We also worked collaboratively with the insured and the appointed BI forensic and agreed a model to measure the BI loss.


Integra negotiated with parts suppliers to expedite early delivery, resulting in the steam turbine returning to service almost three weeks faster than originally scheduled, as well as a reduced BI claim and a saving for insurers. Rapid and efficient investigation of causation allowed the insurers to confirm policy liability and make prompt payment. This streamlined the process and led to a timely and amicable settlement.

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