Chartered loss adjusters

Eyes on the ground.
From anywhere

Now inspections can be carried out at a moment’s notice from any global location thanks to IRIS (Integra Remote Inspection Solution). Our sophisticated solution enables any untrained user to conduct an initial inspection, take video footage and capture still images using a smartphone, guided by one of our remotely located loss adjusters. Claims stakeholders can simultaneously access a live site viewing from anywhere, quickly and easily.


IRIS benefits:

  • Puts the insured at the centre of the claims process from the start
  • Immediate visual access to the incident for all stakeholders
  • More informed early decision-making 
  • Faster analysis of loss exposure
  • Remote monitoring of repair projects
  • Reduced costs of on-site attendance and meetings
  • Real-time training opportunities at no cost


Real-time data capture

On-scene users receive expert instructions via their smartphone, enabling them to zoom into areas of interest, capture photos, shoot video, gather essential incident data and share with Integra adjusters in real-time. By directing the user to capture the most informative images, our expert adjusters retain complete control of the inspection. All images are stored on an online portal for easy access by authorised stakeholders.


IRIS features:

  • Up to 10 stakeholders on a live call at the same time
  • To verify the loss location, all images and video are tagged with GPS coordinates and superimposed onto Google Maps
  • All media captured is stored on our dedicated portal accessible to all claim stakeholders
  • Media sheet available within hours of the IRIS survey showing photos of the incident survey in pdf format 
  • Software hosted on Amazon Web Services platform
  • GDPR and Data Privacy Shield compliant

Expert control.
Easy to use

IRIS is easy to deploy, requires no software download and gives adjusters and stakeholders instant ‘eyes on the ground’ at any incident, even when access is restricted or travel problematic. All it takes is a 3G signal to give Integra adjusters complete control of the inspection, even from thousands of miles away.