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Marine Liabilities

Vessel owners, cargo owners and other shipping industry stakeholders are exposed to a number of different liabilities. The impact of these liabilities depends on incident location and the application of relevant national laws. Loss of life, injury and damage to third party vessels are all potential risks. Pollution from the accidental discharge of oil-based fuels or ship’s cargo is an ever-present threat and can cause widespread harm to coastlines, property and wildlife. International law places a large burden on the shipowner to pay for clean-up.

The key challenge for underwriters in this sector is to understand the transport contract issues associated with each claim, whether they are liability exposures, service responsibilities, subcontract arrangements, technology developments or jurisdiction requirements.

Integra’s marine team has senior-level experience of managing liability claims in marine and supply chain environments with expertise across sea, road, rail, air and warehousing. This, coupled with our legal qualification, enables us to deal confidently with all levels of management in both large and small logistics services providers.

Claims experience

  • Damage to drill rig equipment during heavy haulage transit
  • Vessel Collision while undergoing ship to ship transfer off Seychelle Islands, resulting in one vessel allegedly requiring to be scrapped at Alang, North-West India.
  • Major transport/logistics service provider demobilising ‘knocked down’ helicopters packed in containers

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