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Across a wide array of industrial scenarios, machinery with moving components can be prone to failure, either through faulty manufacture or irregular maintenance and repair. When equipment such as turbines, gearboxes, generators, electric motors or control systems break down, the knock-on effect can halt production lines and stall projects. Excavators, bulldozers, cranes and other moving machinery are key to industrial production and failure can delay works and trigger expensive business interruption claims.

Over 35% of Integra’s loss adjusters are qualified engineers with the technical skills and knowledge to resolve engineering claims across a raft of industrial sectors. By quickly identifying causation, sourcing replacement parts and expediting manufacture or repairs, we minimise business interruption and ensure a swift return to normal operations.

Claims experience

  • Synthesis Gas Compressor, Machinery Breakdown (PD & BI), Kuwait City, Kuwait.
  • 340 MW Steam Turbine Failure, Machinery Breakdown (PD & BI), KSA
  • EAR Hydroelectric Dam, Portugal – $2m
  • 2 x 660 MW Steam Turbine Failure(s), Machinery Breakdown (PD & BI), Rabigh, KSA
  • GE 9E Gas turbine breakdown, Carthage, Tunisia

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