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Any business involved in the design, manufacture or supply of goods to customers is exposed to claims for injury or damage caused by their products. Food, drink, tobacco, cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies are especially vulnerable. Incidents can stem from defective production, missing or incorrect components, contaminated products, accidental mislabelling or improper storage. These lead to excessive costs from product recall, business interruption and resolving contamination.

Pollution and contamination

Contamination to land, water and the atmosphere poses a major threat to human health and businesses responsible for damaging the environment face a high risk of legal prosecution as well as insurance claims. Incidents include damage to soil, air, water and other natural resources. Polluters face the cost of clean-up, repairing damaged property, business interruption and resolving any personal injuries incurred.

Professional risks

Today, professional people are increasingly accountable for the consequences of their mistakes or omissions. Architects, surveyors, engineers, accountants and building contractors are among a wide range of professions exposed to a growing list of liability claims. Globalisation and stricter compliance requirements are increasing the risks faced by corporate leaders and executives.

Integra loss adjusters have extensive experience of managing large or complex claims across product liability, pollution and contamination, and professional risks claims. Typically, these require detailed investigation on an international basis, often in conjunction with legal experts, forensic accountants, materials specialists and other experts. Many of these claims are long-tail, requiring meticulous investigation coupled with the highest standards of management.

Claims experience

  • Public liability claims arising from a major hotel fire in Myanmar
  • Stock & BI from EQ damage for multiple stores selling “legal highs” with various levels of damage across Canterbury, NZ
  • BI resulting from Breakdown in Pulp & Paper plants, North Island, NZ
  • Microbial Contamination (Listeria, E Coli etc) of food products, multiple claims, Australia & NZ
  • Contamination of sterilised surgical medical devices, Auckland NZ

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