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Integrated 14

In 2023 Integra celebrates its first quarter-century, and in this edition Founder and Chairman Ewan Creswell looks back over 25 years of milestones and challenges, and predicts what the future holds.

Integra’s growth is highlighted by the recent arrival of new technical experts within our global team. Back in 2016, our CEO Leo Dixon wrote that Integra had grown to “31 adjusters in 13 cities and with our strategic alliance partners’ offices that increases to 17 cities globally.” Today, these numbers have increased to 54 adjusters, six colleagues in Integra Risk Services and 25 in operations, finance and management, based in 15 cities worldwide. Add our strategic alliance partners’ offices across a further 22 countries, and Integra now has a wide geographical reach.

This issue also focuses on the energy sector, with articles on carbon capture and storage, hydrogen embrittlement, the effect of ESG strategies on the power generation mix and the challenges of permitting programmes in oil, gas and petrochemical installations.