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17 August 2020

Integra Technical Services unlocks technology to rethink the specialty lines claims process

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic has driven leading specialist loss adjusting business, Integra Technical Services, to radically rethink how speciality lines claims can be investigated and managed.

Over the last four months, Integra has successfully developed, tested and is now using IRIS (Integra Remote Inspection Solution) on several live claims, thereby avoiding the challenges imposed by the national and international lockdown restrictions.

Using any smart phone camera handled by an insured’s employee, Integra’s adjusters can direct, remotely control and capture footage of damage inspections as well as the monitoring of repairs. The video footage can be transmitted live to each of the claim’s stakeholders – insured, broker and insurer – ensuring all parties see the same information instantaneously.

Combined with Integra’s wide experience of specialist industry sectors, IRIS provides an earlier appreciation of the extent of damage, allowing claims stakeholders to agree on a ‘Damage Appropriate Response’ that fits the claim – whether that is desktop, in-person or hybrid adjustment approach.

All video output and high-resolution images are automatically stored on a secure, cloud-based portal hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) making it truly agnostic and preventing any interconnectivity or compatibility issues with any of the claims stakeholder’s IT systems.

Leo Dixon, Chief Executive Officer, Integra Technical Services says:
“The adoption of IRIS puts the claims stakeholders at the centre of the claim process, and together they can participate in a remote video inspection of the damage within hours of the incident occurring.

This enables genuine collaboration from the outset, with all parties hearing the adjuster’s preliminary thoughts on the extent of damage, which is then followed up with an ‘Order of Magnitude’ within hours of the video inspection being completed.

This less intrusive and more transparent approach enables insurers to assess the potential financial exposure quicker than they have before, which in turn brings about faster decision making leading to better claims experiences for the insureds.

The added benefit of using IRIS and applying a ‘Damage Appropriate Response’ is that claims handling costs associated with site inspections and client meetings will be reduced, which consequently means the industry to reduce the size of the carbon footprint associated with the claims process.”