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Lesson learned from Complex & Major Losses

Integra’s loss adjusters are the custodians of significant amounts of data relating to an insured’s assets, their main contracts, their insurance policies and the claims that emanate from their assets. Following a number of complex losses to hit the downstream energy insurance market over the last few years and at the request of leading European […]

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Permitting & Civil Authorities Clauses

In the USA, the Clean Air Act (CAA) establishes a number of permitting programmes designed to enforce the goals of the act. Some of these programmes are directly implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency through its regional offices, but most are carried out by individual states and local agencies. The CAA requires facilities that are […]

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Carbon Capture and Storage

There is no silver bullet to reverse the growth in carbon emissions. Instead, we rely on a raft of technologies to deliver more sustainable energy sources and suppress the release of greenhouse gases. Only then can we realise the pledges of the Paris Climate Accords and the net-zero commitments of individual organisations. Other than its […]

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A New World of Political Violence

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 started a bloody conflict which continues today and shows no sign of a peaceful resolution. But, whilst the Ukraine war marks a historic milestone as Europe’s most serious hostility since WW2, it has also created an unprecedented shockwave across the insurance world. The conflict presents a new challenge […]

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Understanding Hydrogen Embrittlement

Hydrogen, often heralded as a ‘miracle molecule’, holds immense promise as a clean energy carrier. As countries worldwide gear up to transition towards a decarbonised future, hydrogen has attracted growing attention. The rapid rise in renewable energies from wind and solar in recent years makes it increasingly feasible to produce hydrogen from renewable sources through […]

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The Power Generation Mix: Keeping the lights on in an ESG-focused world

by Nick Hide Global demand for power is expected to double from 20,000 TWh in 2020 to around 45,000 TWh in 2050, due to population growth, economic development and infrastructure requirements, especially in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Concurrently, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies have become prominent in the financing, construction, operation, regulation […]

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Celebrating 25 Years of Integra Technical Services

As Integra reaches its quarter-century milestone, our founder and Chairman Ewan Cresswell looks back at 25 years of exciting growth, testing challenges and profound industry change with Doug Horne, our Global Head of Marketing & Communications

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The Cyber Red Queen Effect

Gareth Cottam, Senior Adjuster Since the 1990s, a digital arms race has been underway, with each side developing in sophistication and refinement. Today, cyber criminals have honed their business models into well-oiled machines that run like legitimate businesses, with office space and 24hrtelephone lines manned by call centre staff. However, their end-goal of receiving a […]

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Hydrogen Electrolysis: How scale is impacting the insurance market

by Simon Marshall, Senior Risk Engineer, Integra Risk Services September 2022 saw the world’s largest hydrogen electrolyser unit delivered to a site in Norway for validation and testing. As the hydrogen economy expands, we are likely to see ever-larger electrolyser units developed in a bid to win economies of scale and produce hydrogen more cost-efficiently. […]

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