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Electrical Energy Storage Systems

As the power generation industry rapidly transitions to renewable energy, utility-scale energy storage will be key to supporting the rapid deployment of these energy sources.

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The starting point of the hydrogen economy

by Simon Marshall As the world shifts its energy strategy away from a reliance on fossil fuels, hydrogen is being heralded as the clean and plentiful alternative fuel of the future. Undoubtedly, hydrogen has the potential to be of significant value in addressing climate change. It is the most energy-dense fuel available, at 120–142MJ/kg compared […]

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The Carbon Insurer – A perspective from Natalia Dorfman

Kita is the first of a new breed of carbon insurer. Integra’s Global Head of Marketing and Communications Doug Horne talks to Kita Co-Founder Natalia Dorfman about the origins of carbon insurance and how the de-risking of carbon removal processes is benefiting its clients and making an important contribution to tackling climate change.

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Renewable Power: Clean energy, complex claims

The impact of the global climate crisis is critical, with analysts noting that continued warming will likely result in surging temperatures, rising seawater levels and extreme drought in some parts of the world.

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Offshore floating wind… Are we prepared for it?

Mention renewable offshore wind turbines and most people imagine rigid wind turbines set against an ocean horizon. However, the arrival of floating offshore wind turbines is beginning to change mindsets. It also promises bigger business opportunities for offshore wind developers, renewable energy operators and many other businesses involved in this fast-growing sector.

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The importance of risk engineering on a construction insurance policy

Integra Risk Services Managing Director, Paul Latimer talks to Integra Head of Marketing & Communications Doug Horne about why Integra has decided to create a risk services business and in the first instance provide risk engineering management for construction projects, no matter their size or geographical location.

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Does that contamination warrant a recall: Just what is the threat?

When food products pose a threat to public health, a rapid response is required to closely manage the ensuing recall and liability claims. But sometimes, the most complex question is: how real is that threat? Thomas Pasley, Technical Director at Integra Technical Services offers some observations and examples.

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Energy Cyber Threat

Leo Dixon chaired a panel session at Energy Insurance London in 2021 where the cyber-attack on the Colonial Pipeline Company (operator of the Colonial pipeline) on 7th May 2021 was discussed. This article highlights the characteristics of the attack and explores some key observations.

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Containers Overboard – A Complex Issue

Denis Speyer discusses the challenges facing the marine industry with the average number of shipping containers being lost at sea increasing since 2019.

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