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The Cyber Red Queen Effect

Gareth Cottam, Senior Adjuster Since the 1990s, a digital arms race has been underway, with each side developing in sophistication and refinement. Today, cyber criminals have honed their business models into well-oiled machines that run like legitimate businesses, with office space and 24hrtelephone lines manned by call centre staff. However, their end-goal of receiving a […]

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Hydrogen Electrolysis: How scale is impacting the insurance market

by Simon Marshall, Senior Risk Engineer, Integra Risk Services September 2022 saw the world’s largest hydrogen electrolyser unit delivered to a site in Norway for validation and testing. As the hydrogen economy expands, we are likely to see ever-larger electrolyser units developed in a bid to win economies of scale and produce hydrogen more cost-efficiently. […]

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Eastern Australia Floods: The unique challenges of a large-scale, long-tail CAT

by Sumeet Bhardwaj The 2022 floods in eastern Australia were among the country’s worst ever flooding disasters. Between late February and early March, south-eastern Queensland experienced intense, record-breaking rainfall caused by a slow-moving middle and upper trough system, moist winds and a surface trough. Highest flood levels for 130 years During w/c 22 February 2022, […]

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A year in risk engineering

by Paul Latimer, Managing Director, Integra Risk Services After 24 years of adjusting complex claims, Integra has seen first-hand how the success of projects can be directly influenced by an effective programme of risk engineering activities. The launch of Integra Risk Services at the outset of 2022 enabled us to become involved in the risk […]

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Power Plants: Losses during commissioning

by Derek Patterson, Deputy Managing Director, Middle East & Africa Over the years, I have experienced many costly incidents associated with major power plants. Conventional and combined cycle plants, either with steam or gas turbine primary power sources, all share a vulnerability to expensive material damage and lengthy interruption to the restart of operations. However, […]

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Renewable Energy: Canadian Adjusting Perspectives

by Sean Forgie, Senior Vice President, SRD at ClaimsPro, with contributions from Michael Martow & Michael Buzzeo In 2021, there were 305 planned (announced, under review, or approved) energy projects in Canada worth CDN$449bn, and 97 energy projects under construction worth CDN$139bn. Oil and gas sector projects accounted for the largest portion of project value […]

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Electrical Energy Storage Systems

As the power generation industry rapidly transitions to renewable energy, utility-scale energy storage will be key to supporting the rapid deployment of these energy sources.

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The starting point of the hydrogen economy

by Simon Marshall As the world shifts its energy strategy away from a reliance on fossil fuels, hydrogen is being heralded as the clean and plentiful alternative fuel of the future. Undoubtedly, hydrogen has the potential to be of significant value in addressing climate change. It is the most energy-dense fuel available, at 120–142MJ/kg compared […]

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The Carbon Insurer – A perspective from Natalia Dorfman

Kita is the first of a new breed of carbon insurer. Integra’s Global Head of Marketing and Communications Doug Horne talks to Kita Co-Founder Natalia Dorfman about the origins of carbon insurance and how the de-risking of carbon removal processes is benefiting its clients and making an important contribution to tackling climate change.

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