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Luminescence imaging – The past, present and future of damage assessment of photovoltaic arrays

Assessing damage to photovoltaic array installations (PVs) can be a complex and challenging task. Iain MacBean describes the past, present and future of damage assessment of photovoltaic arrays.

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The Dual-Use Conundrum: Game of Drones

Gerard Ward explores the dual-use risk presented by emergent technologies. Recent drone attacks illustrate this dual-use risk, and in particular the challenge confronting Critical Infrastructure.

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Gamification of Insurance and Loss Adjusting Education

Time and again we find the insurance industry lacks experienced professionals with the skills and expertise to drive positive step-change.

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A fresh identity for Integra

Integra Founder and Chairman Ewan Cresswell talks to Head of Marketing & Communications Doug Horne about why Integra decided to rebrand the business he launched over 22 years ago.

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UK comeback for onshore wind

A decision by the UK Government has led to a dramatic reduction in new onshore wind power projects…

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Six facts about shipping fuel quality claims

Tom Wilson offers six facts related to fuel quality claims following the introduction of IMO 2020 at the start of the year…

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Not quite what is seemed

When the manufacturer of a brass valve received notification of a claim relating to the flooding of a luxury 10-storey London apartment block…

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Increasing the supply of cleaner shipping fuel

Commitments to cut climate altering pollution are stimulating new regulations such as IMO 2020, and reshaping marine fuel markets…

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AI, automation and cybersecurity

Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are transforming the global marine, transportation and logistics sector at a faster rate…

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