Power Generation

Integra has managed losses involving all aspects of thermal, geo thermal, hydro, pumped storage and nuclear power generation and are familiar with the technology of the major turbine, generator and transformer manufacturers and as such have an awareness of the characteristics of these key generating components.

Where appropriate, it is our preference to work alongside independent consulting engineers appropriate to the specific technology that a particular loss event may involve. This ensures a thorough appreciation of causation issues and enables an early, accurate and detailed damage scope to be agreed with all parties – this is vital to avoid disputes at a later stage in the claims process. We also use expediting specialists to enable us to assist the Insured parties in loss mitigation, including where practical, sourcing key items of equipment.

Typically we manage the technical aspects alongside forensic accounting input to ensure a balanced approach to physical damage repair and Business Interruption mitigation and measurement, reflecting the particular Power Purchase Agreements in force.