Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

Possibly the most complex of all categories of non-marine claims, this sector represents a significant proportion of Integra’s activities. We have dealt with losses affecting assets owned by most of the OPEC countries, as well as the major multi-national exploration and refining corporations and mid-market operators. We understand the challenges of claims handling at this level and have been involved with individual losses exceeding $1 billion in value.

We have experience of the majority of the key refining and petrochemical licensed process technologies and are familiar with the challenges of handling claims involving new generation chemical processes and catalysts. By ensuring a thorough understanding of the processes involved, we seek to resolve claim situations by agreeing the technical and operational issues at plant level, including scope of repair and business interruption mitigation measures, as early as possible, post-loss.

We have sound working relationships with many of the leading consultants in the fields of material analysis, process engineering, linear programming and petro-economics whom, where necessary, work in conjunction with the Integra Team to enable a more efficient resolution of the claim. Typically on large losses we will assemble a project team of international reputation and credibility, which can engage with the Insured’s personnel at every level and deliver an agreed and integrated solution to material damage repair, business interruption mitigation and measurement.

We have a strong track record of fast tracking these often complex and potentially substantial losses to a mutually satisfactory settlement and can provide copies of the testimonials we have received from both Leading Insurers and Risk Managers to reflect our performance in this sector, as required.