Upstream & Offshore Energy

Our experience in this often high value sector includes handling losses in the exploration (drilling), offshore construction, commissioning, and operational phases; they have included FPSOs, platforms, pipelines and other subsea equipment. The losses we helped to settle have included the following elements:

  • Property Damage (CAR and Operational)
  • Time Element – Loss of Production Income (LOPI) / Business Interruption (BI)
  • Liabilities – including contamination and pollution.

As well as having a sound working knowledge of the most popular offshore construction wordings, we also have experience of policy wordings associated with the decommissioning of offshore assets.

A distinguishing feature of losses in this sector is the need to understand potential claim issues at an early stage, often when damaged equipment remains in a remote, inaccessible or subsea locations. Our experience of working with operators and contractors in the sector, and the technologies involved, enables us to provide Insurers with early guidance on the nature and likely extent of losses.

An aspect that differentiates our service offering in this sector is that the Integra team includes qualified engineers and Chartered Loss Adjusters, the value here being that we are qualified to manage the investigation and adjustment activities simultaneously. As a consequence our adjusters are well positioned to identify and articulate to all stakeholders issues that might impact the extent of policy response and avoiding any unnecessary focus on aspects that are not critical to the claim’s successful resolution.

Our specialist adjusters have the necessary safety accreditations to attend offshore loss locations around the world and have adjusted and settled claims in many locations including Angola, Argentina, Australia, Brasil, Chile, Denmark, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Russia, Thailand, U.A.E., United Kingdom, U.S.A. (Gulf of Mexico), Vietnam.