In conjunction with key mining operators, and underwriters specialising in mining risks, Integra participated in the development of the Claims Handling Protocol for mining losses and are founding members of the Mining Insurance Group. Our approach to mining claims embraces the fundamental principles of the Protocol and we seek to undertake the management of claims within a collaborative and consensual environment.

By their nature mine sites are often in remote locations, and when combined with deep seam operations, access to the workings is likely to be difficult. Different types of mines present their individual claim exposures but there are a range of risks which are common to most mining operations, whether opencast, open pit or deep seam and these can be categorised as:

  • Extraction activities
  • Surface and underground processing equipment
  • Civil engineering works
  • Transportation systems and equipment

Integra has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the handling of large and often technically complex mining losses, including mineral, precious and semi-precious metal ore extraction, in both deep seam and open pit locations. We have ‘first hand’ experience of the challenges presented by not only material damage events but also the often significant exposures flowing from interruption to mining operations, and the need to ensure all possible mitigation opportunities are fully explored. Our expertise is provided on an international basis, utilising the resources available through our strategically located global network.