Marine & Project Cargo

Complementing our other adjusting activities, we are involved in projects and claims that may be more accurately described as ‘marine risks’. These include damage to marine assets such as drilling rigs, vessels, FPSOs, mooring systems, pipelines, and subsea cable laying; third party liabilities (including Protection and Indemnity interests) either during construction or operation; and all classes of marine cargo risks. Our experience includes inshore jack-up incidents, jetty damage, vessel impacts, and losses involving ports and terminals, together with project marine cargoes (including transformers, generators and similar capital equipment).

We also have dedicated ports, marine and offshore facilities expertise and we are able to provide specialist resources to Insurers to address all aspects of any marine liability, marine cargo or infrastructure property damage matter.

Recognising the complex claims issues pertaining to the international marine and ports sector, whether relating to port/terminal/stevedore-related/sea/rail/road/other transport provider issues, we have the ability to deliver complete response solutions, incorporating technical, legal, engineering and commercial resources to address the particular requirements of any incident, from time of notification to final resolution.

We are increasingly involved in Project Cargo and associated ‘Marine DSU’ assignments around the world, with the advantage that we can cost effectively co-ordinate both the project (EAR / CAR) and Marine DSU elements in the event of a claim situation.