Major Complex & Loss

Major losses, in whichever industry, create a unique dynamic for the Insurance and Reinsurance markets on risk. Handled inappropriately, a major loss has the potential to affect the balance sheets of both the Insured and Insurers, with the associated share price volatility as well as negatively impacting the future relationship between the stakeholders.

It is essential in these instances for the loss adjuster to give direction to the claim process, control the specialists retained by Insurers, give clear responses to the Insured and provide early mitigation options in the event of business interruption exposures.

The Integra team are both trusted and recognised as having the ability to consistently deploy these traits on a worldwide basis and in all the classes of business in which we have specialist abilities. Importantly, because many of our professionals are drawn from the industry sectors in which we operate, we understand the pressures on an Insured organisation and the reporting obligations they have, both internal and externally to assist them in the aftermath of major loss.

Working with all the stakeholders to the insurance claim, we will develop a Loss Management Plan in the very early stages of the process which will set out clearly the duties and expectations of the parties and importantly, how to progress through the key stages of the claims.

Our structure allows us to combine the best personnel for a particular assignment, anywhere in the world, providing the appropriate blend of regional presence, technical understanding and co-ordinating interface with the key Insurance & Reinsurance markets involved.

We take great pride in our ability to maintain Insurance & Reinsurance market unity in the event of a major loss appointment, which is to the benefit of all interested stakeholders as this reduces frictions and accelerates the process of a claims payment being made.