Claim Consultancy

With the ongoing de-skilling and generalisation of the adjusting world, this service continues to be a major and growing part of our business. The simplest form of the consultancy can involve a confidential “Desk study” review of a policy wording, either draft or issued, assistance in drafting clauses and endorsements of a wording, or consideration of a technical consultant’s or another adjuster’s report or work product.

Our input can include providing specific technical support and guidance to other adjusters already involved on a risk or claim, in particular disciplines or areas of cover within our expertise.

The ultimate extent of the service is in the area of claim control. This is where, for whatever reason, the original claim handling regime has failed, or is in imminent danger of failing to bring about a settlement. Usually there are personality clashes and a general loss of confidence amongst the parties, with a commensurate lack of control over the direction of the claim handling process and threats of litigation.

Within defined terms of reference Integra has successfully rescued a number of these situations on high profile claims, to the mutual satisfaction of Insurers and their Insured.

We have a unique track record in this regard on risks in numerous jurisdictions worldwide and are always pleased to discuss individual assignments in confidence.