Automotive & Complex Manufacturing

In common with other manufacturing industries, major motor manufacturers operate as global businesses, with high levels of interdependency between their own vehicle assembly and engine plants and complexes, worldwide, with networks of specialist component suppliers structured on a multi-tier basis.

Typically, mass manufactured vehicles are produced as fully assembled units, for distribution to dealer outlets, or as export sales including as “part by part” or “knock down” kits for shipment to overseas assembly plants servicing local emerging markets.

As with other sectors including the electronics industry, automotive manufacturers strive to avoid the need to maintain large parts inventories and routinely operate “just in time” component supply chains, requiring precise logistics to ensure delivery where and when required.

Natural peril related claims, or serious events following fire or explosion, can result in significant physical damage being sustained, but the potentially greatest risks of loss in these industries are those associated with contingent and business interruption, either because a damaged assembly plant is unable to operate, or due to loss or damage affecting key component manufacturers or suppliers.

Effective handling of claims in these sectors requires a sound appreciation of the global market dynamics and its manufacturing and supply chain structures.

Through our involvement with a number of significant industry losses, Integra has developed a sound knowledge of the issues peculiar to global manufacturing supply chains and is well equipped to provide effective responses to a wide range of loss scenarios in the these industry sectors.