Patrick Hardy

Licensed Adjuster in Chile – Mining, OGP, Power G

Patrick began working as a loss adjuster following the 1985 earthquake in Chile. He continued to work for a multinational firm of loss adjusters, initially as part of their CAT teams following hurricanes Gilbert and Hugo. He was then transferred to Spain, following which he moved to London, where he was the liaison adjuster for the firm’s offices in Latin America. Thereafter he transferred to Venezuela, following which he opened the firm’s branch in Argentina. Patrick then returned to Chile joining Integra Technical Services in March 2015. He is an experienced property damage and business interruption adjuster, having handled losses in a wide variety of industries, frequently on large/complex losses that require leading a team of specialist engineers, surveyors, accountants and lawyers. A sound working knowledge of the judicial and fiscal procedures in the southern part of Latin America has also enabled Patrick to handle a wide variety of casualty losses throughout the region.