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INTEGRATED ISSUE 03 Cover (002) edited

Integrated Edition 3

Published in December, 2017

Please see link below to download Integrated Edition 3 , which includes

  • Team in the Spotlight – Integra USA
  • Upstream Energy in Focus
  • Case Study – Making Inhouse Expertise Count
  • Offshore Wind – Sustaining Connectivity
  • Aeroderivative or Industrial Gas Turbines?
  • Defining Mining Claims Priniciples



The Importance of Appointing the Right 'Expert' - Cover

The Importance of Appointing the Right ‘Expert’

Published in September, 2017

In the world of materials failure analysis, plastics are one of the most common materials encountered as they are in universal use for packaging, electronic films, power cables, construction materials etc. What were once novel applications for plastics are now commonplace. When damage occurs, an expert will often be needed to establish the root cause of the claim.


Construction  Engineering Defects Claims - Cover (002)

Construction & Engineering defects claims on the rise?

Published in September, 2017

Property damage as a result of defective design, workmanship and specification is among the most common forms of claim for large and complex construction and engineering projects.  Unsurprisingly, defects are equally a major cause of dispute and construction litigation, due to the differing stakeholder interests.  As Insurers continue to look for ways to minimise claim processing costs and reduce friction between themselves and the Insured, this article considers how this might be achieved.


LP Programmes and BI Claims (002)

Using linear programming to manage Business Interruption claims

Published in September, 2017

Linear programming, more commonly known as LP modelling, is commonly used as a supply chain management tool to solve the problem of how to get material to the right place, at the right time and at the lowest cost.  This article explores its use as a Business Interruption claims quantification tool.


Integrated Edition 2

Published in August, 2017

Please use link to download Integrated Edition 2, which includes;

  • Team in the Spotlight – Integra Mexico
  • Project Managing the Claims Process – Project Management is in policyholder’s DNA.
  • Reinsurance Loss Adjusting – Using diplomacy and pragmatism to create extra value
  • Reserving Major & Complex Claims – one of the most important elements of the loss adjustment process.
  • Construction & Engineering Defects Claims on the rise?
  • Modelling Business Interruption Claims – LP Modelling.