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UK Comeback for onshore wind

Published in June, 2020

A decision by the UK’s government has led to a dramatic reduction in new onshore wind power projects. With the reversal of that decision in March 2020 many are predicting a new boom for UK onshore wind with reports suggesting there are at least 86 projects in the pipeline. Szen Ong, Engineering Adjuster with Integra Technical Services, looks at the latest developments and considers some of the risk and  insurance challenges.


Floating Renewable Energy Assets

Published in December, 2019

FLOW is a relatively new concept when compared to tidal, but one that could open up vast opportunity to increase global renewable energy production. To help understand more about the risks and opportunities, integrated spoke with Michael Hook and Frank Rose from Strainstall, a world leader
in developing innovative monitoring solutions that enhance the safety and performance of assets, including for the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors.


Industrial Internet of Things

Published in December, 2019

Gerard Ward, Cyber & Technology Loss Adjuster at Integra Technical Services, sets out the challenges presented for the insurance markets by the era of Industry 4.0, also known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This is particularly relevant because, from January 2020, Lloyd’s and many other insurers have stated there first-party property damage policies will confirm whether they provide coverage for cyber risks or not.


Integrated Issue 7

Published in December, 2019

Please see link below to download Integrated Issue 7, which includes:

Further expansion at Integra Technical Services

Industrial internet of things: two sides of the same coin

Keeping the tiger in the cage

Floating renewable energy assets

Being first choice

Measure noise and temperature

Powering remote islands

High grade ore and a question of indemnity


Power Generation in Latin America

Published in July, 2019

Many countries in Latin America are heavily reliant on hydroelectric dams for their electricity supply. This creates a potential supply vulnerability with the region particularly exposed to tectonic hazards and natural weather phenomena. How can firms better prepare for these catastrophic incidents, so that they minimise supply interruption?